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The Cloninger's call Beautiful Southern Colorado home. This is the best place to cultivate natural healing. On our farm property we live amongst the richness that nature has to offer and we are making the most of what we possess. We promote living naturally and for decades we will continue to keep doing what we do with our heritage of innovative solutions. We have a strong belief that nature has the answer for all our ailments.

We offer preventative Fire Mitigation solutions in Defensible Space to safeguard our beautiful property in this magnificent place we call home. We offer country hospitality through our private mountain Airbnb cabin where guests can experience wildlife sightseeing and the peacefulness of nature. Our chickens are back to higher production and our farm raised organic eggs can be purchased for $8/dozen, includes free delivery if you're on the Highway of Legends between Stonewall to Trinidad. Call/Text 719-890-0451 for meeting time/place. We have successfully re-homed puppies from our last two litters of German Shepherds. Stay posted for our next batch of adorable puppies!


We are farmers, gardeners, animal care-takers and lovers of the Creator. We are all about the natural life, and we embrace nature’s bounty to the fullest. With both sides of the family having a great history of an entrepreneurial spirit, we are continuing an American family tradition of over 75 years!

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"But I am like an ever-green olive tree in the House of the Eternal; I put my trust in the kindness of the Eternal One forever and ever."

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